Posted on 2014 Apr 13 by Zukdeen.

Hello everyone! Zukdeen here. After a while since our last update, and now to get things normal again, I'm writing up the last changes we've done to the website and forums. Some are pretty noticeable, others not so much, and that's the reason for this post. I'm really sorry for the big delay, but I haven't been feeling so well, plus the riots in my country continue so there were some problems and I couldn't update. Nevertheless, here I am now, and these are the new things:

Some days ago, on the April's Fools, you may have noticed our two pranks. In the website, for starters, every 4th loaded page would be turned upside down, and in the forums, all of the forum names and descriptions were changed for the second year in a row, courtesy of Dylan. We hope those small pranks didn't bother your Lavender Town Experience. Now, in a more serious tone, there was a downtime some days ago, part of an unexpected emergency maintenance the hosting had to do because of a server fail. It's all been fixed now. Something else now that we mention bugs and servers, the Lavender Town is not affected by Heartbleed although we still recommend changing your password regularly as a general measure of cybersecurity.

It's been a while since our last new forum theme, so we've introduced a matching One Year Anniversary theme for the forums that has been made totally from scratch and matches the website's header and footer! It's been designed to be totally compatible with the addons and general content of the forums. We're receiving feedback for it, though, so if you want to make it better, please leave us a message or post in the Feedback Zone, in the thread or that. There's also been a burst in activity in the forums, with more than 50 posts each of the past three days, and we're expecting more. The RP corner has been revived, and we've got plenty of more content and new threads. Finally, we've added8 two more things in the forums: a button for the Spoiler tag in the editor, and more items for the shop.

Back in the website, we removed the Top Life topsite button because of its downtime. We might join another topsite on its place. You might also notice that there is one extra box in the left sidebar that now shows the 8 latest posts and threads that have been made in the forums, as a way to promote activity there and show off the forum's interesting and active content. If you like something from there, be sure you check it out. A direct link to the WiFi Trade and Battle section of the forums has also been added to the navigation links due to its apparent popularity. Some other relevant CSS fixes and optimizations for the current theme have been introduced, and a general backup of the website, forums and databases, has been done.

Going on with the update, we want to remind you that we have a Pokémon creepypasta going on and you have still around 15 days to go, so write your best stories and post them! The winner will get some nice prizes on the forums and also have his story featured on the frontpage (here). I added a reminder of it in the left sidebar, by the way. Not only that, but also I have something to ask you: I've been meaning to try a new updating schedule with a fixed day of the week to update new stuff, meaning you'd get one weekly update. For that, I'd like to know the amount of creepypastas you'd prefer for each update (take in consideration that if you choose a smaller amount of stories I might update more than once a week, if I have got the time). Therefore, please answer the poll that will be added to the right sidebar and I'll review the results to check whether or not to stick to the new update schedule. Thanks for replying beforehand!

To finish off, and as usual, we have a creepypasta upload. This time, we have a little more than the usual: featuring an amount of 40 creepypastas that are now available on the archives. I hope you find them interesting. These are the new files added:

  • A Fairy's Love
  • Blind Perfection
  • Bloody Revenge
  • choudo gemu
  • Claw Machine
  • Cresselia
  • Don't Doubt Darkrai
  • H4CK3R
  • It's All Us
  • Little Red Rabbit
  • Mist Crystal
  • My Precious Treasure
  • My Shining Star
  • Pinball Panic
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Forgotton
  • Pokémon Sacrificed Crystal
  • Prevention of Evolution
  • Project RXY
  • Psyche's Gaze
  • RED's Journal
  • Reflections
  • Regret
  • Robbed Soul -Silver-
  • Scientists
  • See You
  • Shuppet's Call
  • Snowstorm
  • Tasting Vengeance
  • Tears of Fire
  • The Child's Nightmare Glitch
  • The House
  • The Pocket Monster Truth
  • The Stranger
  • To Have and to Hold
  • Together at Last
  • Umbreon

And... that's it for now. I hope you like the new changes, and I promise I'll try to make the updates more often. Please, check out the forums, answer the poll, email any feedback you have, follow us, like us and the usual. Have a good week!

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Posted on 2014 Mar 23 by Zukdeen.

Happy 1st birthday, Lavender Town!

Hello everyone! The day is finally here and the time has come: the Lavender Town website has been online for a whole year as of today. Yes, that's right: 365 days online which we have used to upload creepypastas, theories, and participate in the forums, as long as making a lot of other stuff. It's a great achievement to be able to celebrate an uptime of one year altogether, since we started from scratch and as a small website last year, and now we're more and more popular every day, with a big user base and a great amount of content.

One year has passed since the day I first put online the website. One year ago, this site had only 10 creepypastas online, and now it has 800 as of today's update. Our forums grew with content, posts and users, and the website filled with content pages. Overall, it's been a great year of success for the website, and there's no better way to celebrate it than with a big update here!

And of course, this big update starts on with the most visible thing: a new website theme! We're sticking to the purple color because that was our first layout color a year ago. This time, the new design, which is called "One Year", is more a redesign of the layout that has been used for a whole year. We let go of the fixed page space, and the "cubeness", and now everything is round and the boxes "float" over the page. It also relocates some things, including the topsite buttons. This time, the featured Pokémon is Mega-Gengar, celebrating also our first Pokémon X/Y theme. Note that, again, there's no new theme for the forums, but I promise one is on the making, and it will come with other surprises.

Besides the new theme, we're celebrating big with a new Pokémon creepypasta contest in the forums. The guidelines are still being written, but it shall be ready for tomorrow or the day after. If you want to participate, register in the forums and check this section. Winners will get featured on the homepage, and win other stuff in the forums! So, if you want to participate, you know what to do.

We've also done the usual changes and updates on the website, but reloaded. How so? Being this such an important date, we've done a revission of almost every component of the site. For example, we updated the configuration of our Google-powered internal search engine, which should now work better and give more accurate results. We made a revision of the internal server settings to make the website smoother and more prepared against spambots. We also checked and corrected small details in every single site page of the website (the ones you can navigate through using the left menu). Some links were fixed, and we also added a small disclaimer link under our external ad spot.

The forums also got a bit of this love. The basic smiley pack has been updated, so that now they are fully compatible with dark backgrounds, and you don't get the white "noise" around them. We've posted a couple of new threads and posts, including a new thread in the Feedback zone where you can write your suggestions and tips for both the website and the forums. We are also reviving the RPG corner with a new story, guided by me, and there's also a restock of all the items in the Point Shop. We're going to add more items and functionalities in further updates!

Finally, a new full backup has been done, for security issues. That's most of today's update, and as for now, I want to share some numbers, before getting to the most important part of the update. Along this year, we've increased our number of stories to 800 creepypastas and 93 theories. That means we have 893 stories and content pages online only in the website, and that also mean we have an average of 2,44 stories uploaded per day. We'll try to increase that number next year! 

To end up with today's update, the creepypastas and theories. There are 30 new creepypastas and 3 new theories online in the archives, that dwelve into various topics and are all pretty good to read (one of the new creepypastas being a personal favorite). The list of new content is this:

Creepypastas (30)

  • A Pokémon's Love
  • A Watery Grave
  • Battle of Fate
  • Bright Summer Day
  • Brock..?
  • Broken Spirits
  • BRVR's Journal
  • Buried Alive Mystery Dungeon
  • Cariluu
  • Chansey's Nursey
  • Cloned Event
  • Come Stay with me...
  • Joey
  • Just a Joke
  • Last Dance
  • Loyalty
  • Lucky
  • Lullaby's Cave
  • Mother of One
  • Pokémon Fire Red Experience
  • Pokémon Fire Red Glitch
  • Pokémon Revenge Red
  • Pokémon Safear
  • Pokérus Gone Wrong
  • So There are believers
  • Soul
  • Stadium.n64
  • Stronger
  • Subject
  • Suffer

Theories (3)

  • Jessie and James are Immortals
  • Legendary Colors
  • Pokémon Dream World... or an Insane Asylum?

And this is it for now. But before we go, I want to say something else: thank you. Thanks for being a loyal user throughout this year, for submitting stories, for registering and participating on the forums, and for all the support you've done. We'll compensate you this new year! I can't say much, but there are many surprises on their way. Just stay here and you'll be able to check them all!

Goodbye, for now. Remember to spread the word, invite your friends, and like/follow our social networks. Another update will be uploaded very soon. I hope you enjoy today's content, and if there's anything you'd like to say, please use the comments or send me an e-mail through the Contact Us page. See you later!

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Posted on 2014 Mar 20 by Zukdeen.

Hello, everyone! I'm writing a new post here to show off the latest updates in both the website and the forums, and this time it's a special day, because it's day #362 of the website. That means our very first anniversary is on three days! How have you felt the website grow throughout this year? I want to start off thanking you for being with us. Okay, so now let's check what's new in the last update before our 1st year anniversary comes:

There have not been "a lot" of big updates in the website, because we're saving everything for the anniversary, but we've done some minor stuff here and there, mostly with reorganizing the creepypasta list to make it stay in order, and clean it: now the only stories marked as "new" are today's. We're preparing many updates for this anniversary, so stay here to know what it is!

Something interesting: we've got to 12000 posts in the forums! This milestone comes after reaching more than 100 users in the forums, and we hope we keep growing throughout our second year online. Now, we've added 20 new creepypastas to the list, and they're the following:

  • A Silver Soul revenge
  • Another Dimension
  • Apple of my Eye
  • Aqua-Marine
  • Arceus's Judgement
  • Audino Wants to Play
  • Replaced
  • Reshiram's Revenge
  • Restarted
  • Revelations
  • Sapphire Hana
  • Shedinja Story
  • Shiny Hunting
  • Shiny Tyranitar
  • Sing Meloetta
  • SINNER.exe
  • Skeptics
  • Spirit of the Abandon Train
  • Unloved Souls

That's it for now. Don't worry though, come back in three days for more. Have a good night!

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Posted on 2014 Mar 12 by Zukdeen.

Hello, everyone! After yesterday's report, I started uploading some files and doing some small updates on the website, so that I could post today with a new full update for everyone. It'll be a small post today, but it includes 15 creepypastas that are already online.

Generally, not much has been done to the website because the riots in Venezuela are still going on, and the situation worsened today. Still, I am working to improve the forum, and do some minor fixes in the website. Regarding yesterday morning's downtime, it was because an error in the hosting server and it has been fixed, so hopefully it won't happen again soon.

Now, there are 15 various creepypastas uploaded to the website. I didn't delete last update's "new" mark in their creepypastas so both updates are marked, but I'll post the names of the new stories in the list below. A special mention goes to the stories "Blackout" and "Are you a boy or a girl?" which were submitted by the same author of "Michael". This is the list of new stories:

Creepypastas (15)

  • 010100100110010101100100
  • Are you a boy or a girl?
  • Blackout
  • Frozen Wasteland
  • Glitched Origin
  • GLOOM wants to play!
  • Go to sleep!
  • Golett's Sorrow
  • Goodbye forever
  • Good Floatzel
  • Gothita
  • Hurry
  • I am not a clone
  • Ice Shell

That's it for now. I'm sorry for this being a small update, but at least I hope you enjoy the new stories while I work onto the next update. Remember to share the website in your social networks and tell your friends to visit, also, you should check the forums and post a bit. Thanks for visiting!

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Posted on 2014 Mar 10 by Zukdeen.

Hello, dear users. This is a small report from a situation that was going on earlier this morning. Starting aroung 6am VST, access to this website was stopped. It was a fault of our hosting service which is still being investigated, and we'll try to solve anything that happens as soon as possible to ensure the accessibility of the Lavender Town. A real update will be uploaded in the following couple of days. Thanks for visiting!

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