Posted on 2014 Jun 28 by Zukdeen.

So, after this long time without any posts, I think it's time to say the unpostponable. It is not a secret that I've been having less free time lately, because of high school, and soon to start college. Also, the constant political problems my country has gone through, as well as other factors, have made me grow weary, and lose all of my disposition to work on the website. The problem is that I lost the interest I first had when I started this, back in 2010. Back then, I was a younger kid who was really fond of the general creepypastas feeling. Not only that, I was just starting high school and had a lot of free time that I don't have now. These factors have mainly made me lose my will on updating the website.

I have been talking to Dylan about this, and we realized this is not going anywhere. I can't just keep posting one or two updates each month if I'm not going to actually focus on improving and maintaining the website, so I decided I'm finally letting go. And when I say "finally", I really mean it: I'm not going to come back, at least, in the near future. It's been some wonderful (almost) 4 years, I've had an excellent staff (from Vikingmakt and Dylan, up to all the mods, reporters and gmods). I've met really good friends, but now it's time for it to end.

What does this mean? The website and the forums will continue online until September 3rd, the day the domain expires. It will be unattended, though, so no more updates, only user content in the forums. Affiliates can remove the website from their affiliates, although they will remain listed here for courtesy. After September 3rd, the whole website will go down, and it wont' come back this time. You can check the forums for users' contact information, and there's a new announcement for that matter here: (PLEASE READ THE THIRD POST IF YOU'RE A FORUM USER)

Thanks for staying with us these past 4 years, but unfortunately, for better or for worse, all songs must come to and end.

C'est la fin.

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Posted on 2014 May 25 by Zukdeen.

Hello, everyone! How're you doing? It's, again, time for another Lavender Town update. This time, I bring you creepypastas, a theory, better integration between the website and the forums and other fixes and cool stuff. I apologize for the big leap of time between last update and this, but since summer is near, I should have more free time. I'll mostly update on weekends these following two months, though. So, let's start with the updates!

I suppose I'll start with one of the most noticeable change: there is now a login/registered user panel in the frontpage, on the right side, where you can log into the forums and have a quick glance on your Private Message amount, as well as other interesting links. It's still very basic in function, consider it as the 0.1 version, but it's a nice addon I hope will attract more potential users to the forums. Before this change, we did a full backup of the website, forums and databases, to make sure nothing goes wrong. The panel replaces the previous forum ad.

First poll results

There are two polls I have to report here. First, there's a new poll being held in the forums regarding a possible Pokémon Online tournament in the near future (in summer). If you're interested, please read these two threads in the forums: this and this; and express your opinion both as votes and as posts. The other thing is the results of the previous website poll (#1), which are as follow:

As you can see, an exact 50% of the users who voted want more than 20 creepypastas per update (something you'll get today, btw. Keep reading.) The second option was 10 creepypastsa, then 15 and last 20. Now, we'll try to bring between 10 and 20 creepypastas per update, except on special occassions, like today. Note that there's already a newpoll on the sidebar: vote and express yourself!

Besides from that, we did other minor fixes around the website, here and there, optimizing it. Particularly, and thanks to Prof. Uniful from the forums who reported the issue, we fixed the links to two creepypastsa, which were previously broken:"A Kangashkan that never was" and "Banette's Grudge". Go check them asap if you couldn't read them before!

Going back to the forums, we did a whole forum upgrade to fix several vulnerabilities and security issues. It is now safer, and hopefully smoother, than before. Along with it, there is a big amount of new posts and threads, along with bumped content, to incentivate posting. In other note, though, and due to today's updates, there are two minor known issues: 1) You can't log out from the forums by clicking the respective links. Until we find a fix, hopefully soon, you have to delete the cookies manually should you ever need to log out. 2) The 404 error page just goes back to the website index, possibly a fault in the news script. We're investigating.

Something I can't stress out enough is that we're looking for ideas and feedback about both the website and the forums. If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions, or just something you want to tell us, feel free to use the e-mail, forum private messages, or forum posts to do so. For example, one of the suggestions we got a few weeks ago was the addition of a gallery to the website, and today we announce that we are working on a Gallery for Pokémon and general pictures, both creepy and not. More information will be published soon, since it's still on the ways.

And last but not least, we have 30 new creepypastas and 1 homemade theory, made by a forum user and adapted by me, that are already available on the archives. I hope you enjoy them all, since they take on various topics regarding the Pokémon fandom. This is the list of new content:

Creepypastas (30)

  • Bounce, bounce, thump
  • Chronicles of the Chamber
  • Consequences
  • Cyrus
  • Cyrus - Trainer POV
  • Deletion and Revival
  • Diary of a Bug
  • Fae is watching
  • Fearow is hungry
  • Forgotten bronze
  • Forgotten soul
  • Increasing mystery
  • Journal Entry
  • Life and Death
  • Lured into bad luck
  • Nimbasa Gym
  • Paralyzed Trust
  • PikaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAchu
  • Please, be careful with a link...
  • Pokémon: Beta Scene
  • Release
  • Renaissance
  • Rhea
  • Ride of your life
  • The Curse known as Arceus
  • The Effects of Weather
  • The Forest of Acreet
  • The Viewpoint
  • Unevolved

Theories (1)

  • Origin of the Pokérus

And that's it, for now. Remember to support us, bring your friends, and join and post in the forums! The only thing they're missing is you. Unless you've already registered. Anyway, have a good night and a great, spooky week.

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Posted on 2014 May 08 by Zukdeen.

Hello, dear Lavender Town users! It's time for another update, and this time, May's first update. There are some new creepypastas and other small updates, but other than that, nothing really big or noticeable. Still, let's check what's new:

Around the website and the forums, we've had only small updates. Some stability fixes, and correcting some typos and mistakes in the website's code. Also, we corrected a few errors in the creepypasta listing. Regarding last week or so's downtime, we've taken some steps to make sure it won't happen again, and so has done the hosting service. Soon, we'll bring bigger and more exciting updates and features to the forums, and also the website.

Regarding the poll, I think we've gotten enough information from it. You clearly want more than 20 stories per post, and we'll try to work towards that goal. I'll change the poll in a few days, along with a complete poll results revision. Also, remember that you've got chance until tomorrow to post your entry into our Pokémon Creepypasta contest. Now, and finishing the update, we've got 25 new stories already online in the Creepypasta archive, with two of them being submitted, and one including an original song by the author. This is the list of new content:

Creepypastas (25)

  • A Haunting before Lavender Town
  • As if I am no different
  • Darkest Screen
  • Day 63
  • Deleted
  • Don't you see me, master?
  • Do you remember?
  • Help...
  • Hypno's promise
  • Hypno's story
  • Lavender Town's Ghost Story (submitted, multimedia)
  • Lost Diamond
  • Low Tide Horror
  • Neglected Blue (submitted)
  • Never replace me again
  • Pearl of Death
  • Phobetor's Embrace
  • Pokémon: Replaced Black
  • Pokérus Infected
  • Psycho's Ghost
  • S. L. Ender
  • Stars
  • The Prisioner
  • The Same Cold Eyes
  • Thunderbolt

Well, this is it for now. Have a great time, enjoy the stories, and visit us soon. Remember to check the forums and bring your friends! We'll have another update next week. Take care!

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Posted on 2014 Apr 29 by Zukdeen.

Hello, dear Lavender Town users! How have you been? Due to circumstances that we couldn't prevent here, it's been a long time since last update. Now, there are some changes that have been made to the website, and also an usual creepypasta update. More things were planned for today's update, however, due to the insane downtime of the past few days we weren't able to directly work on the website and/or the forums, so only what had been already done, plus creepypastas, are featured on this update.

Again, I feel like a responsibility to apologize in the name of the Lavender Town staff because of the really big downtime for the past three or four days. It started with an scheduled and planned hosting maintenance update which got buggy and made all the servers fail, and wasn't fixed until yesterday night late. It was not done on purpose and it was not something I could have prevented. The website should be all good and stable from now on. Oh, and also, the "not gonna take long" (or something like that) message that appeared on the frontpage during the website wasn't written by me: somehow, the hosting got pages messed up and that ended up on the website's account.

Now, going to the updates, I'll try to use a new schedule starting on today, with at least an update per week, five updates per month, with creepypasta amounts that will vary. The poll needs to be there some more time, so I'll take it as a final once it gets to 100 votes. Also, the creepypasta contest we are holding on the forums' deadline has been postponed for ten more days, so until May 9th you'll be able to post a new story and participate. If you didn't have time to finish your story before, now is the proper time!

Besides of that, we've done some small tweaks and fixes on the website. In the case of the forums, we previously introduced a new feature that now allows the users to have a preset "default style" for the forums while using Lavenders to change it. It's easier than manually changing each post style, and that way you can forget about that hassle and do it automatically. There might be new addons soon, though I'm wondering on the next move to bring the best experience to the website as a whole, and that might include changes to how the forums is currently.

And finally, the creepypastas. There are 19 new creepypastas on the website, which are those named on the list below:

  • BrEeZy
  • Celebrity
  • Changed
  • Do you still love me?
  • Dragonian
  • Dragon Night
  • Drought
  • Durant's Nest
  • Green Sky
  • Guidance
  • Gus
  • Haka
  • Premonitions
  • Press START To Open The Menu
  • Stay out of the tall grass
  • Stay with me...
  • Story about a poor red rabbit
  • Sunburnt
  • Sweet Revenge

This is it for now. I again apologize for the inconveniences of the past week, and hope you enjoy this update, with another one on the way pretty soon. Stay in touch!

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Posted on 2014 Apr 28 by Zukdeen.

The past few days, the website has been mostly down because of our hosting's scheduled maintenance, which suddenly went wrong and got really messed up. Websites are coming back online progressively, so if the Lavender Town is offline again soon, give it time to stabilise. I highly apologize for the downtime, and will see what I can do to avoid more of it in the future. There was an update scheduled for some days ago, but it's been moved for tomorrow due to the downtime and such. Meanwhile, check the forums!

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